La Maison chez Natalie Lété Dollhouse

Mon Petit Art

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Bienvenue a chez Nathalie! This adorable dollhouse unfolds to turn into a wonderful space filled with imagination and fun! The dollhouse can stretch more than 4 feet and is reversible with an interior and a garden! But who is Nathalie Lété?? She's an artist who was born in Paris in 1964. She's best known for the way she mixes different techniques and mediums, her illustrations, ceramics, textile and painting. Nathalie is inspired by her travels, but also by the mixing of vintage toys and old engravings of flowers and animals. Her work is colourful, naive and poetic. She produces children’s and graphic’s books, knitted and stuffed toys, glass pictures, patterned dishes, but also postcards, ceramic sculptures, silkscreen printed t-shirts, rugs and jewels in limited edition, both for herself and for commissions. All that to say, she's a super cool lady with an eye for design! Inspire your kiddo with her unique work.

Ages 6 and up