64 oz Le Blanc Laundry Wash

Le Blanc

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Le Blanc's Laundry Washes are perfect everyday cleansers designed for laundering all washable and colorfast clothing. They protect fibers from fading and stretching and even keep clothes looking new. May be used on washable, colorfast, organic, natural, and synthetic fibers. Safely launder everyday jeans, t-shirts, slacks, blouses, and more. Le Blanc also produces a wide variety of beautiful scents and even a fragrance-free option! For a calming and relaxing scent try the Lavender Lady. For a fresh scent of jasmine and hyacinth try the Original, it's the original for a reason! Portfolio is our personal favorite and is described by Le Blanc as "having a citrus top note balanced by a floral heart of violet and sandalwood. Warmed by notes of soft musk, crushed tonka bean, and a hint of vanilla." We think it smells like a handsome man. Summer Verbena is perfect for those who love a strong citrus scent. If you tend to lean more towards floral scents like roses and lillies, then we recommend the White Flowers formula. And last, but certainlynot least, if you love clean clothes but aren't too keen on added fragances, try the Fragrance-free wash. Whatever you choose, you cannot go wrong. 

Ingredients : https://linenwash.com/pages/ingredients